HR Management Service Delivery Best Practices

In today’s competitive business environment, the need for successful HR service delivery has become a priority for all companies. Human resources is a department whose members are used to fielding demands, whether it’s a change in benefits, onboarding a new employee, or correcting a paycheck. The reality is that managing these requests via phone and email is not an efficient way to work. To improve HR effectiveness in providing quality services, companies are increasingly relying on their HRO providers to play a critical role in driving employee satisfaction, retention and productivity. One of the key success factors of high performing organizations is putting their people first. Today HR executives are challenged to develop efficient and effective, simple yet powerful solutions to the people side of business. However it remains difficult to determine the exact contribution of the HR function to achieve these objectives. HR officers should have a clear HR service delivery strategy, must modernize and move from a reactive state of service delivery to a proactive one.

This training has been developed to help HR professionals stay relevant in the era of digital transformation and focus on building the workplaces of the future. Our research team has found that most HR staffs are delivering HR services via email and spreadsheets on a daily basis. These methods don’t provide information about how many enquiries are coming in and what types of questions employees are asking. In this five day training, our trainers will try to help your staff participants understand how HR organizations need to determine their own quality metrics and understand which quality drivers are most important to their businesses.

Aim of this Course.
The main aim of this workshop is to assist your staff participants:

  • Discuss how to automate workflow by enabling technology to move work through your organisation from requestor to fulfiller is at the heart of an effective service delivery strategy.
  • Learn how to minimise or eliminate email as the primary communication method between employees and HR
  • Understand how to implement case management functionality with workflow capabilities.
  • Develop a comprehensive HR knowledge-base by empowering your employees to get answers to their questions without being dependent on HR is at the heart a good service delivery strategy.
  • Fully automate HR processes and consider current HR technology and the gaps in service delivery being experienced.
  • Discuss how to configure and define HR properties and services
  • Learn how to auto‑assign HR cases based on skills, gain practical knowledge of HR case management and surveys and drill into results using reporting and dashboards.
  • How to deal with compensation and benefits and maintain healthy employee relations
  • Understand how HR functions fully support the direction in which the organization is moving
  • Explore linkages between organizational change strategies and HR strategies of the organization
  • Facilitate the participants to develop competencies for organizational diagnostics and to act as a change agent in different phases of organizational growth

Benefits of this Course.

At the end of this workshop, you staff participants will be able to:

  • Develop an effective roadmap that provides a practical guide for transforming HR function.
  • Understanding the new dynamics of delivering quality HR services
  • Equip HR with the technology and tools they need to quickly resolve a case
  • Write and conduct effective employee performance evaluations.
  • Navigate-and resolve-conflict between employees.
  • Understand how to administer an effective and compliant employee handbook.
  • How to ensure compliance with wage and hour regulations, including the use of interns.
  • Understand how to prepare, conduct and document employee discipline and termination.
  • Prevent and address harassment in the workplace and conduct a workplace investigation.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your HR practice and see where improvements can be made
  • Improve your HR operations planning skills
  • Understand the changing boundaries of responsibility for the HR function
  • Understand how HR can enhance organizational capabilities
  • Learn how to more effectively manage people and teams
  • Learn how to plan the total workforce while determining future business requirements especially those related to manpower requirements that has been considered as one of the most challenging tasks facing HR staff

Target Group:

This programme is aimed for HR Administrators, HR Service Management or part- responsibility for managing workforce, line managers, departmental heads, and other staffs that may need to improve their skills in HR Planning and Management

  • 8:30 AM — 2:00 PM
    Conference A
    Introduction and setting the workshop objectives and goals.
    Organizations achieve amazing results when everyone is engaged in working together to attain key business goals. In this customized on-site workshop, participants learn how to develop measurable and meaningful goals AND work together to align department and/ or employee goals with the business. This kind of alignment creates synergy at all levels of the organization. We also discuss and explore the difference between goals and standards. These two tools are powerful, but, when misapplied, it can be confusing. We will guide you through proper application or optimal effectiveness.
  • 8:30 AM — 2:00 PM
    Conference B
    Developing an Effective Framework for Viewing HRM & Development
    Building and enhancing employee potential will not only benefit employees, it will also support the organization in meeting its goals and objectives while focusing on the provision of excellence in public service
2020-10-25 8:00 am 2020-10-26 Europe/London HR Management Service Delivery Best Practices Brainstorm Management Consultants will be conducting a workshop on HR Management Service Delivery Best Practices to be held in at the Beaumont Hotel, Mombasa. We are inviting you and your staff to participate in this programme and hope it can meet your organizational training needs. Mombasa Beach Hotel
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HR Management Service Delivery Best Practices
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