Investment Strategies

Investment strategy is planning to guide their investment decisions. Investment strategies can differ greatly from a rapid growth strategy where an investor focuses on capital appreciation to a safety strategy where the focus is on wealth protection. The most important part of any investment strategy should be to align it with the individual’s goals and to be followed closely by the investor. When creating an investment strategy, it is important to quantitatively figure out what you are seeking to accomplish. Stating that you simply want to make money or become wealthy is not helpful. Setting up your investment strategy is like buying a new car, before you look at the different models, you need to figure out what style suits you best. And just like cars, there are many styles to choose from when creating an investment strategy. When choosing the right investing strategy, there are questions that need to be answered first.

Develop new developments in investment management and future trends in the asset management industry.
Make stronger decisions based on a broader understanding of the entire investment process.
Develop the latest investment techniques with cutting-edge academic research and real-world case studies.
Ensure effective performance evaluation using appropriate performance evaluation measurements and benchmarking the with best practice.
Develop risk management techniques to minimise the effects of market volatility on a portfolio.
Effectively manage the inherent problems of delegating portfolio management to an agency.
Explore the role of alternative asset classes in a portfolio, such as real estate, commodities and socially responsible investing.
Evaluate investment management strategies and portfolio performance.
Enhance returns, manage and reduce risks.
Practical investment management tools that can be immediately and effectively applied.
Develop fresh perspectives on investment strategy gleaned from diverse class interactions and world-class faculty.
Engage and communicate the unique value and positioning of your organisation to your employees.

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