Taxation Services

Businesses face the increasing pressure of ever more rules and regulations, with tax complexities often consuming a large amount of management time and effort. We will help you incorporate tax efficiency into your business planning and decision-making to put you in control of tax costs and generate long term savings. We realise that managing your tax compliance burden efficiently can have a significant impact on your business. Our services will be designed to help you get to grips with the complexities involved as well as keep you informed of any additional responsibilities and liabilities that you may need to consider, from indirect taxes such as VAT and customs duties through to employee taxes and stamp duty. We shall provide a comprehensive taxation and business advisory service to our clients.

We shall ensure that the payroll agrees to the PAYE records and the employment contracts.
We ensure examine all the payroll records including the staff files to ensure all emoluments are declared.
We also recalculate the taxes to ensure correct tax rates have been used.
We shall ensure that withholding tax has been correctly deducted, accounted for and remitted on a timely basis to the tax authorities in respect of all eligible invoices and agreements entered into.
We shall review the purchases day book, cash book and other similar records to identify invoices or payments that are subject to withholding tax and ensure that the same has been done and paid on time.
We shall review the VAT control accounts to ensure that all output taxes have been declared and all eligible input tax has been claimed.
We shall then prepare a report of findings and compute the outstanding taxes and penalties if any.
Advisory services on tax implications of various transactions- This is based on research and having vast knowledge in all areas of taxation
We shall carryout tax planning to ensure that our clients get the full benefit of the tax laws.
Employee compensation structuring
We shall train your staffs on taxation planning and management.
Personal and corporate Tax Preparation
Ensure any taxable of income from the employees are included into the system

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