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We are a company specialized in the provision of a wide range of Management Consultancy, Management Trainings, Recruitment & Selection, Research and Development services to corporate organizations, Private, Non Profit making organization and some of UN Agencies outside Kenya i.e. in Central Africa Republic, DRC, Sudan, Liberia, South Sudan and Uganda.

What We Do

Business Consultancy

Improving companies’ operations by assessing weaknesses and recommending best business solutions. 

Training Services

Interactive coaching that ensures acquisitions of relevant skills, knowledge and competencies

Financial Services

We Design and implement programs to educate clients on various financial services and products.

Discover our range of interactive and engaging live virtual sessions.

Virtual 90 minute courses to support your workplace during Covid-19

Best Practice in Running Remote Work Meetings

As COVID-19 continues its spread around the world, more and more companies are asking their employees to stay away from the office. In order for business to run smoothly in companies of all sizes, meetings are necessary to keep employees and managers all on the same page. Remote team meetings can be terrible. They’re the “chores” of the workplace. Whether its technology is crashing or a user not being able to connect, you’ve probably been in a video chat that you considered a total waste of time. On the upside, meetings are helpful for teams to stay connected, brainstorm, improve productivity, and get help with what they’re working on. But only if held properly
Online meetings may be a normal part of a team’s everyday workflow, but how to make them maximally efficient can be a bit of a head-scratcher


Why choose us

“We are committed to giving all our customers the quality experience at each and every point of contact, going extra mile to make them feel special. This is about having the right altitude, being energized and proactive taking personal responsibility for satisfying customers and creativity dealing with the uniqueness of each situation.”

George M. CEO


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Brainstorm Management Consultants has highly skilled professionals who have got an extensive experience in African Business practices.

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Dr. Victor S


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